Our Company

Established in 2018 shortly after the federal farm bill was approved and made into law. We at Hemp Cigar Manufacturing make 100% Hemp Cigars from the Hemp plant. All products have third part certified COA’s (certificate of analysis) testing. Our Hemp cigars are all hand packed, wrapped and cured in climate controlled humidors for at least 2 weeks to give a nice, clean, smooth and slow smoking experience. We offer large scale manufacturing for company’s adding our niche products to their companies portfolio of products.

Hemp Cigar Manufacturing has recently acquired a retail store hemp cigar brand, we will soon have a full website for wholesale needs of a shelf ready product. The brand will offer 6 popular hemp cigar sizes to choose from and we will have flavored options as well.

What exactly is a Hemp cigar? It’s a cannabis sativa L flower packed core with a center skewer opening for venting. Then hand wrapped in cleaned cannabis plant leaves. After they are slightly dried, they are then cured in a humidity and temperature controlled humidor for specific length of time.  This ensures a slow, even and smooth burn. Hemp cigars are not a stuffed palm leaf, blunt, doink, etc.

Our Hemp Cigars are a unique niche product. Containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC and with a unique flavor and aroma, these hemp Cigars are fast becoming a popular alternative. We currently offer our product in multiple sizes, gauged like a cigar. And in multiple flavors such as Mango & Blueberry!

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